Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School

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Welcome to Alliance Bloomfield High School!

We are currently enrolling students in grades 9th-12th for the 2024-2025 school year!

Frequently asked questions regarding enrollment:


How do I enroll my child at Alliance Bloomfield High School or other Alliance charter schools?

Online application:

Contact the school to request an application or visit our website


How are students selected to attend an Alliance charter school?

Students are not "selected." Parents submit an application on a first come for serve procedure. ALL students who apply are accepted unless there are more applications than there are seats available. If there are more applications received by the published deadline, then a public random drawing is held. ALL applicants will be notified.


What is a random public lottery?

When a charter school receives more applications than there are seats available, the school is required to hold a public random lottery to provide an equal opportunity for students to enroll. Applications are randomly drawn to determine who will be enrolled for the coming academic year. Once all available slots are filled, students are placed on a waiting list in the order the application is drawn.


Do siblings have priority for enrollment?

Yes. Siblings of students already attending an Alliance charter school have preference for enrollment and are not required to participate in the random public lottery.

For questions about enrollment, visit the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools' enrollment page or call the school at (323) 537-2060.

Blended Learning

Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School utilizes Blended Learning, which provides each student with a laptop and uses a wide variety of technological tools to prepare them for success in college and future careers.  To read more about the blended learning model, click here.


Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School is located in Huntington Park, southeast of downtown Los Angeles. The area is primarily home to Mexican-American families, many of whom are recent immigrants to the United States. 
99% Latino, and 1% African American, and 18% English Language Learners.

Principal Profile

Principal Sandoval began her experience in education through the Student Support Program at Cal State Los Angeles.  In this role, she mentioned and supported first-generation low-income students through their transition from high school to college.  During her sophomore year in college, Ms. Sandoval discovered her passion for education and decided to become a History Teacher.  Ms. Sandoval obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science with an Emphasis in History.  In 2008 she began her teaching career at Alliance College Ready Academy High School #5 in South Central Los Angeles.  Two years later, Ms. Sandoval earned a Master of Arts in Educational Foundation.  As a teacher, Ms. Sandoval encouraged her students to critically think about historical concepts, events, and figures.  In 2013, Ms. Sandoval dedicated herself to taking her career to the next level by returning to graduate school.  She attended Cal State Dominguez Hills and earned a second Master of Arts in Educational Administration.  As an Assistant Principal, Ms. Sandoval took pride in leading with integrity, empathy, and most importantly holding high expectations for all stakeholders.  She seeks to transform the lives of students and their families by imparting the importance of obtaining a four-year college degree.  She believes that every student regardless of socioeconomic status and ethnicity has the ability to succeed.