Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School

Due to construction at the front of the school please come in through the back entrance, Thank You.    Debido a la construccion, por favor entre por la puerta de atras, Gracias.
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Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School was founded in 2014. Bloomfield's mission is to graduate students ready for success in college. Currently, Bloomfield is in it's 2nd year of operation serving students in the 9th and 10th grades. Bloomfield has a total enrollment of 289 students. Of our 289 students, 99% are Hispanic or Latino descent, and 93% qualify for free-and-reduced lunch. Currently, we have a total special education population of 8%, and our 2014-2015 English Language Learners consisted of 33% of our student population.

About Alliance College-Ready Public Schools


Alliance Margaret M. Bloomfield High School is a member of Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, a network of 26 free, public charter middle and high schools that educate more than 11,000 students across Los Angeles.  Founded in 2004 with the simple conviction that every student can graduate from high school and succeed in college, Alliance schools send 95% of graduates on to college.  Alliance schools prove that exceptional education can be the rule.  For more information about Alliance, visit